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remap extras

Add any of these services to your remap from £10! Also available without a remap

Available remap extras

When it comes to ECU remapping, we offer the following remap extras alongside one of our remaps, or as a standalone upgrade. This list of remap extrasis not exhaustive, so if there is anything specific you require, please contact us via email, phone or fill in our contact form for more information on remap extras.

Remap extras available from £10-£30 with a Stage 1 or Economy remap.  Contact us to see what is available for you vehicle.

If you have any questions about our extras then please contact us

remap extras dpf removal


If  your Diesel Particulate Filter is causing you problems or reducing your fuel economy, a DPF cycle delete could be the answer. Removing the DPF can increase MPG due to the removal of air restriction which allows it to breathe better. It can also provide improved output power – especially when combined with a Stage 1 Performance software upgrade. Under new MOT testing regulations, a vehicle could now fail its MOT if they find that the DPF has been removed. Deactivating this system is intended exclusively for off-road use.

egr delete

Removing the Exhaust Gas Re-circulation cycle from the ECU can restore lost engine power and MPG. It can also save you a fortune in repair costs as it can prevent a physical EGR unit replacement. EGR delete produces cleaner emissions as a faulty EGR unit will naturally create higher deposits of soot. Under new MOT testing regulations, a vehicle could now fail its MOT if they find that the EGR has been removed. Deactivating this system is intended exclusively for off-road use.

launch control

A ‘Launch Control’ limits the low speed rpm and in turn reduces the power to the wheels when immediately taking off, thus preventing the wheels from spinning. Once the vehicle increases in speed, the traction is greater so full power will be activated. This is used to produce a very quick launch from stand still, as it produces the perfect amount of power at the right time. This function can only be applied to a limited number of vehicles.

speed limiter

We can remove the speed limiters that are applied to most cars, vans and trucks in the UK. For most German cars this is set at 155 mph and other vehicles can vary. For our customers who use their vehicles on track days, removing the speed limiter is a quick way of improving their lap times. We can also apply speed limiters which prevents the vehicle from travelling above a set speed. This is commonly done to cars, vans and trucks for our commercial customers to enforce a more efficient driving style.

pops and bangs

We can adjust the fuelling and retard the ignition timing on certain petrol vehicles to ignite unburned fuel within the exhaust system. This creates a ‘burbles’ or ‘pops and bangs’ effect. Pops and bangs usually requires a decat downpipe in order to apply this modification safely.

popcorn limiters

Hard-cut limiters (also known as Popcorn Limiters) are designed to completely cut fuel or spark to the engine and can be set at high RPM on diesel vehicles so that the revs bounce off the limiter. Most stock diesel vehicles will hit the factory rpm limiter stay at that RPM until the driver intervenes. This is known as a soft-cut limiter.

adblue delete

Our AdBlue delete removes the AdBlue system from the vehicle’s ECU. Once removed, the vehicle drives as if it has sufficient AdBlue, without error messages and without the engine management light illuminating. 

lambda/02 delete

If you’ve installed a decat then it’s likely your car will be running rough and an engine management light will have appeared on your dashboard. Our lambda/O2 delete solution will adjust the map to include the decat and will subsequently remove your engine management light too for worry-free driving!

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