Remapping Stoke on Trent

Remapping Services

We offer a wide range of remapping services

Stage 1 Remap

Stage 1 Remap

A stage 1 remap on a car or van requires no modifications to your vehicle

DPF/EGR Remapping Solutions

DPF/EGR solutions

Find out about how we can help you with your DPF and EGR problems

Economy Remapping Services

Economy Remap

When we remap a vehicle for economy the focus is on delivering a wider spread of engine torque

adblue Remapping Solutions

adblue solution

NO START in 200 miles?? Contact us for your solution

Remapping Extras

Remap Extras

*DPF Solutions *EGR Solutions *Adblue Solutions *Speed limiter removal *Hardcut popcorn limiter + many more

Gearbox Remapping Services

Gearbox Remap

We can offer Gearbox Remapping for VAG (VW, Audi Group) and BMW automatic cars.

ECU PRogramming


Advanced Diagnotics right through to collision repairs & more.